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Morgana Vendvmagli
I am so angry I could kill someone right now. There is absolutely NO way that I will take the OWLs again. No way. I studied all year for those things and Prat Malfoy Sr. is not telling me to retake them. Who died and made him headmaster?

This is unbelievable. Someone is dying and I am not at all picky about who it is.

Morgana O. Vendvmagli

Current Mood: angry angry as two angry..things

Well, I achieved my goal of getting my mother back. I was walking through town yesterday and passed by some Muggle grossiry store which happened to be selling hair dye. I think blue matches my brother's complexion quite nicely. On the plus side, my mother is furious and cannot figure out how to get rid of it (she obviously does not realize it is Muggle dye, and Tiri refuses to tell her). However on the down side, my brother actually seems to like it. Well, you cannot win every battle I suppose.

Has anyone received their OWL results yet? I am not worried about my results or anything but I would really like to know if it was lost in the mail so the proper people can be punished.

Morgana O. Vendvmagli
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Well, I awoke this morning to a rather unusual situation. I believe it was three A.M. when I awoke to the sounds of a spell being cast, on myself. I quickly shoved the mystery caster off of my bed and turned on my light. I now know why my mother would not let be have a lock on my door. Apparently it was so she could sneak into my room in the middle of the night and dye my hair blonde.

I shall let her have her false victory for now. We shall see how she likes having all her dresses replaced with overalls. Oh yes we shall.

The queen of revenge,
Morgana O. Vendvmagli
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Well, I am finally home and I have begun to question why I was so eager to return. The second I entered my brother doused me with a bucket of water to see if I would melt. Turns out he and one of his little idiot friends had run off to see a muggle movey in town. He has been locked in his room since then, which you would think would be a welcome relief but he has been unnaturally quiet and it is giving me a migraine.

I am rather jealous of the fact that he had thus far been left to his own devices. I wish I could be down the same courtesy. My mother has been breathing down my neck since I came home. Last night I woke up and she was standing over my bed with her wand out. My pillow is now drenched in blonde dye. Turns out she was trying to dye my hair back while I slept. Honestly. Even my father is behaving strangely. He actually invited me into his library to speak to him. He spent an hour interrogating me about my grades, and my hair, and what I want to be 'when I grow up'. It was all rather uncomfortable. He kept asking me if I want to return to Hogwarts, because he would be able to get me a transfer to Drumstrang if I so wished. I kept telling that I did not wish to transfer even though I am all honestly not sure. But I have seen the kind of people that Drumstrang has produced (i.e. my parents) and even Hogwarts it preferable to that.

I will not be able to go to the funeral service because I appear to be under strict house arrest at the moment. My mother seems to think that Death Eaters could be lurking around any corner. Honestly, who the piss would bother coming to France to kill me? But my mother is simply unreasonable. But that is not new.

Well, I suppose that is all for now.

Morgana O. Vendvmagli
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Well, then, I suppose I am quite lucky that I could not find Snuggles the morning of the attack or I might have been outside when it happened.

Although Herbology, and Hufflepuff are two of the things that I dislike most in this world, I do feel sorry for Professor Sprout. Many bakers have indeed been put out of business because of this travesty.

I send sincere well wishes to all the injured. And I am quite sure that Perks's legs will grow back at some point.

Morgana O. Vendvmagli
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I have just been reminded (by Creevey of all people) that O.W.L.s are coming up in a month or so. I have been inspired to dig some of my textbooks out of the depths of my trunk although I am apparently not inspired enough to actually read them.

Well, I tried.

Current Mood: blah blah

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I am tired of writing private entries. I never do them. It is like talking to yourself and only that insane first year Pretica does that. Someone should inform her that it is all well and good if she talks to herself but she should do it in private because her inner monologue bores everyone...probably herself too.

I cannot believe current events at all. I know that Daphne could be almost as klutzy as myself at times but she never did anything fatal...well except for the time she erased her memory I suppose but that was only once.

It just seems so planned out. Why did she return home in the first place? It was not even Easter yet. Something must have occurred that was not the least bit accidental. The only question is what it was.

If it was anything.

I mean how honest are her parents? Really. I have never had the...honor of meeting and greeting them but I do not hear very highly of them. Perhaps they are lying. I do not know what their reasons would be but there is not actual proof yet except one little letter. I have not seen a body produced. They have not even bothered explaining what this 'accident' was.

They (whoever 'they' are) say that animals can sense things. Well, I think Snuggles is a highly developed rabbit and he has been acting completely normal so far. I saw him attack a first year with my own eyes this morning. Surely if she were actually de--gone he would be behaving differently. She is the one who gave him to me after all.

I mean well it is possible.

Morgana O. Vendvmagli

Current Mood: confused confused

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I never thought I would say this but I actually enjoyed that game of Quidditch. Almost riveting. Nothing too out of the ordinary though I suppose.

Daphne darling I have sent over your share of the money. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised by how much we have taken in during our first week. I do not know what you wish to do with your share but I have decided to swim in mine and I highly recommend this option.

Morgana O. Vendvmagli
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I have decided to raise some money for the monetarily deprived namely me...and Daphne by selling baked goods.

Headless Harrys (include Daphne's Ultra Special Sticky Icing for an extra three knuts)
GinGinger Snaps
Double Shot Chocolate Chip Cookies
Grandma's Old Fashioned Odge-atmeal Cookies

Come by the dozen for the low, low price of 14 sickles and 3 knuts. Three boxes for the price of two and a half. Also in Fourth Year February, the fourth years will recieve a special discount! Three boxes for the price of two and a half (plus 9 sickles shipping and handling, please allow three to four buisness days for delivery, no refunds will be given).

Contact myself or Miss Daphne Greengrass for more information.

Morgana O. Vendvmagli
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Thanks to the halls I have recently discovered that "haggy" rhymes with "Vendvmagli". I was not aware that was actually a word. I suppose you learn something new everyday.

Have been in dorm baking cookies and training Snuggles for the past two days. So far I have realized he is perfectly capable of stealth as he came hopping at me from nowhere the other day. It was the cutest!! most menacing thing I have ever seen.

Merry Christmas Eve to all. Thank you again Daphne for you present. And despite the non-lick and stick-ness, the bracelets are still quite lovely Theo. Max, the book will certainly be put to good use and Lovegood I shall be making you cocktails.

My mother has sent me the shortest dress known to man. I believe it will make a fine rabbit bed. And as for Tirizhian's present, I am not amused. The card does not look like me at all and as for the doll, no one in their right mind would purchase a cat made from rabbit fur. Oh how I wish I were an only child.

Happy Christmas,
Morgana O. Vendvmagli
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